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Memorial Red Rose

Memorial & Honorarium

Want to recognize the memory of a loved one or honor a special person with a donation to the Osceola Community Health Foundation?


Memorial gifts are a fitting way to acknowledge a loved one's life battle, love of philanthropy, or generous spirit. Honorary gifts are a great way to make someone feel special for all they do or the impact they make on the world.

We will use your gifts for equipment and care that positively impacts the quality of care and life for our patients and their family or caregivers.  

You can make these gifts by choosing the "tribute gift" option to designate who your donation is in memory or honor. We will communicate this gift to the family of the memorial or honorarium. Please let us know if you’d like to link our donation page to an obituary or invitation by contacting Jill Leahy at 715-294-5727.


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