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The Osceola Community Health Foundation was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Osceola Medical Center. The not-for-profit organization works to positively impact the health related needs of the patients of OMC and the community at large by fundraising through donations, events, and grants. The foundation is governed by a voluntary board of respected community members.

Mission:  Building Health Communities by fostering charitable support for Osceola Medical Center and the health-related needs of the people in the upper St. Croix Valley.


Our board is made up of 9 community members who volunteer their time to the mission of the Osceola Community Health Foundation (OCHF). These dedicated members advocate, support, and lead the foundation in partnership with the Executive Director, Jill Leahy

Chair:  Tom Tinkham

Treasurer:  Lala Graf

Secretary:  Mary Hazzard

Staff Liaison:  Misty Charlier

Members at Large:

  • Mary Berklund

  • Jared Cutts

  • Christina DeLong

  • Jennifer Mangelsen

  • Chris McKenzie

  • Eli Rasmuson


  • 3 Members at Large



Capital Space Enhancements

OCHF has been instrumental in providing funding to enhance spaces at OMC for the best patient care experience in the Valley.  This has included the new campus, the addition to the campus, the chemistry lab, and the surgical center.

Capital Equipment

OCHF has provided funding for capital equipment purchases and replacement including fetal monitors, telemetry equipment, hospital beds, lab equipment, surgical equipment, and much more. 

Support for Staff Education & Training

The foundation values the work of the staff of OMC and has provided funds for continuing education at OMC.  This includes simulation training, suicide prevention training, and A3 solution training. 

Community Grants

A separate part of the foundation's mission is to give back to the community for health related needs.  This has included support to various nonprofit organizations for programs such as mental health, women's health, substance abuse, elder care; and family education. Grant applications are accepted the 15th day of each quarter March, June, September and December.  

Community Scholarships

The foundation has made it a priority to award high school students who intend to do a career in the medical field and possibly return to OMC for that career.  In 2024, the foundation will award one $5000 scholarship to an Osceola High School Senior.

Support for internal patient programs

OCHF considers internal grant requests from Departments at OMC on the 15th of every quarter: March, June, September, and December.  These grant requests are typically $5000 or less and not included in the original budget of the department. The application must be approved and signed by the manager of the department and presented to the foundation director prior to submission.

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