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Giving reflects our core values at OMC, and our staff demonstrates this every day to our patients as the “OMC way”.


Each year, Osceola Medical Center staff and board members make a dedicated effort to give together at one time for the needs of our patients and community. We recognize this as "the Power of One".  


One Action, One Dollar, One Person,

One OMC Department, One OMC Team,

One Powerful Impact

This impact is made possible through payroll deductions, online gifts, and cash donations.  All dollars raised are given back to the community through external grants and high school scholarships as well as internal grants for patient care needs.

2024 Employee Giving Goal


2023 Employee Giving Funds Raised


One Action, One Dollar, One Person,

One OMC Department, One OMC Team,

One Powerful Impact

As employees, providers, board members, and volunteers of OMC, you give so much compassion to everyone who walks through our doors. The foundation is inspired by your care and your generosity to impact others in need. 


During employee giving week, we want our hearts to center on giving together as ONE team of individuals and together make a large impact for good in our community. In so doing, we hope to create a week of encouragement, appreciation, and gratitude amongst OMC by offering food, fun activities, and chances at prizes for those who participate.

If you wish to donate, you may choose one or more of the following funds:

  1. Community Support (Grants)

  2. OMC Equipment

  3. OHS High School Scholarship

  4. Patient Care Fund (Essential Needs)

  5. Undesignated (General Gift)


You may donate in three ways:

  1. One time gift (Cash, Check, or credit card)

  2. Monthly recurring gift online via credit card

  3. Monthly payroll deduction via paper pledge card


Every dollar matters. Thank you all who make OMC a giving priority!  If you have any questions, please talk to Jill Leahy or Deb Donovan in the foundation.

To donate online, please click the button below:




Employee Payroll Deductions


Please fill out a pledge card available in breakrooms and lounges throughout OMC near to giving boxes. You may also receive one in the foundation office 


Online Donations

Click on any of the donate button on this page.  You may choose a one time donation or a monthly recurring donation via your credit card.


Cash or Check Donations


Please fill out a pledge card and leave in the foundation office. You may also place your giving card in the boxes located throughout campus, but do not leave your money. 

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